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Cannon Karate

Karate For The Whole Family      

Why Choose Cannon Karate

Cannon Karate is the only school in the Corning New York area actively producing black belts in The Chuck Norris System, the style of martial arts founded by Chuck Norris. Our system is driven by Mr. Norris’ commitment to excellence and the four principals it is based on…Discipline, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect. Cannon Karate is proud to be held to this higher standard of martial arts training. Being a part of The Chuck Norris System gives us access to a network that is worldwide! We are connected with hundreds of instructors to assist us in the best possible ways of teaching martial arts and a wide variety of school owners to help us deliver the service that you deserve. Cannon Karate is dedicated to helping our students develop the skills that they are looking for in a friendly, family atmosphere. With classes starting at the age of three, there is something for the whole family, kids, teens, parents and grandparents. If you are looking for an awesome style of martial arts and instructors that care about you and your family, then Cannon Karate is the right school for you. Mr. Cannon’s wife, children and mother are all students showing how Cannon Karate truly is…Karate for the whole Family.

The Cannon family with Mr. Chuck Norris and Mr. Aaron Norris

What people are saying about Cannon Karate

" When my five year old daughter told me she wanted to learn karate, I did what most parents would do; I started to look around. I found Cannon Karate and was first attracted by the location then, after discussing the options for young children with Mike, I was satisfied my daughter should start here. I was impressed during the first lesson at how not only was the skill impressed on the children but also the spirit of being responsible and disciplined individuals. Dependent on skill level and the particular exercise, the children would work together or be broken out into smaller focus groups. With my daughter being a novice, often one of the black belts would work with her 1:1 to help get her up to the skill level of the other children. The instructors create a good mix of serious time with fun time to keep the children interested and engaged. Overall it has been a great experience and I highly recommend Cannon Karate. Dale Fisher

" I have an eight year old that has been going for quite some time now. Before she started going she had a hard time in school. She couldn't keep focused which affected her grades and her behavior. She has improved a lot in the last several months. And I attribute some of that to what she is taught here at Cannon Karate.

" Great place to train. Kids class is a blast!! Adult class keeps our interest, keeps us in shape, and keeps us learning. All done while having fun with great people. Mr. Cannon is a great instructor and we couldn't ask for a better group of students!!